Genus: Rhoetosaurus LONGMAN, 1926
Etymology: Rhoetus, a titan in Greek Mythology, and Greek, sauros, "lizard."
= Rhaetosaurus de LAPPARENT & LAVOCAT, 1955 (sic)
= Rheteosaurus YADAGIRI, PRASAD & SATSANGI, 1979 (sic)

Species: brownei LONGMAN, 1926
Etymology: In honor of Durham Downs Station manager Arthur Browne.

Holotype: QM F1695

Locality: About 1/4 mile on the south side of Eurombah Creek on Grazing Farm 1352a, Roma District, being portion Iv, parish of Narran, County, of Aberdeen, northwest corner of the selection, Eurombah Creek is a tributary of Dawson River, Durham Downs, Queensland State, Australia.

Horizon: Walloon Series.


Age:?Bajocian Stage, Middle Dogger Epoch, Early Jurassic.
Note: According to LEES, 1986 probably Injune Creek beds, Bajocian/Aalenian, Middle Jurassic.

Material: 22 vertebrae, 16 of which is articulated caudal's, shafts of femur, tibia, and fibula, and many smaller remains of a pelvis, most of which are shattered into many small fragments.

Referred material:


Number: Not given: 20 vertebrae, cervical, dorsal and caudal vertebrae, 4 sacral vertebrae, some fragmentary, fragment of rib, fragmentary ilium, fragments of left and right pubis, femur missing posterior end.