Genus: Rutellum LHUYD, 1699 (nomen oblitum)
Etymology: Greek, rutellum, a kind of hoe.

Species: implicatum LHUYD, 1699 (nomen oblitum)
Etymology: Latin, implicatum , "implied."

Holotype: University of Oxford, 1352 (now lost)

Locality: Thames gravels or Coral Rag, 8 km SW of Whitney, Carswell, Oxfordshire County, England, Southern United Kingdom.



Age: Jurassic.

Material: Tooth.
Note: Now lost. This name is pre-Linnean (cf. DELAIR & SARJEANT, 2002) and is considered a nomen oblitum or forgotten name.


Image of Rutellum implicatum LHUYD, 1699 (via DELAIR & SARJEANT, 2002).