Genus: Schleitheimia RAUHUT, HOLWERDA & FURRER, 2020
Etymology: In reference to the type locality at Schleitheim, Canton Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

Species: schutzi RAUHUT, HOLWERDA & FURRER, 2020
Etymology: In honor of Emil Schutz (1916-1974), the collector of the type material.

Holotype: PIMUZ A/IIII 550

Locality: Bratelen bonebed ("Rhät-Bonebed"), Santierge, a hill situated 900 m south of the church of Schleitheim in the Swiss Canton Schaffhausen, 47°44'30"N, 8°29'13"S, Canton Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

Horizon: Most probably derived from the uppermost part of the, Zanclodon-mergel' (= Knollenmergel), now called Gruhalde Member, Klettgau Formation.


Age: Uppermost Norian Stage, Late Triassic Epoch, Late Trassic.

Material: Patial right ilium.

Referred material:

PIMUZ A/III 538: Centrum of posterior cervical vertebra.

PIMUZ A/III 539, 541: Centra of two mid-dorsal vertebrae.

PIMUZ A/III 540: Anterior dorsla vertebra.

PIMUZ A/III 542, 543: 2 centra of posterior mid-caudal vertebrae.

PIMUZ A/III 544: Posterior caudal vertebra (referral tentative).

PIMUZ A/III 545: Centrum of posterior dorsal vertebra.

PIMUZ A/III 548: Centra of posterior mid-caudal vertebra.

PIMUZ A/III 549: Distal end of left humerus.

PIMUZ A/III 551: Partial left femur.

PIMUZ A/III 547: Ungual of right pedal digit I (referral tenative).

PIMUZ A/III 4390: Pubic peduncle of left ilium.

PIMUZ A/III 4398: Possible pubic fragment.

Tenatively referred specimens;

MzA NAT15046: A partial right humerus.

MzA NAT15047, NAT15048, /NAT15049: 3 caudal vertebrae.

MzA NAT15050: A sacral centrum.

MzA NAT15051, NAT15052, NAT15058: 3 fragmentary dorsal vertebral centra.