Etymology: From the Lesotho language, sefapano, "cross," and Greek, sauros, "lizard"; in referene to the cross T-shaped ascending porcess of the astragalus.

Species: zastronensis OTERO, KRUPANDAN, POL, CHINSAMY & CHOINIERE, 2015
Etymology: In reference to Zastron, Free State Province, South Africa, the type locality.

Holotype: BP/1/386

Locality: Near the town of Zastron, Free State Province, South Africa, about 30 km west of the Lesotho border.

Horizon: Unknown, possibly the Elliot Formation.


Age: Late Triassic-Early Jurassic.

Material: Incomplete left pes including astragalus, calcaneum, a putative distal tarsal IV, proximal portions of metatarsals III and IV, and almost complete metataral V.

Referred material:

BP/1/7409-7455: Partial skeletons of at least four individuals comprising:

BP/1/7409: A cervical vertebra.

BP/1/7410-7412: Cervical centra.

BP/1/7413: A partial cervical centrum?

BP/1/7414: Middle dorsal vertebra.

BP/1/7415-7417: 3 partially preserved dorsal vertebrae.

BP/1/7418: A dorsal transverse process.

BP/1/7419: A dorsal centrum.

BP/1/7420: A dorosacral centrum.

BP/1/7421: A posterior dorsal centrum.

BP/1/7422: A putative caudosacral vertebrae.

BP/1/7423: A poserior partial dorsal vertebra.

BP/1/7424-7429: 6 caudal vertebrae.

BP/1/7430: An haemal arch.

BP/1/7432: Left coracoid.

BP/1/7433: Right scapula.

BP/1/7434: Proximal half of right humerus.

BP/1/7435: Right radius.

BP/1/7436: Right (?) radius.

BP/1/7437: Left ulna.

BP/1/7438: Incomplete articulated left manus consisting of distal carpals I and II, metacarpals I and II and phalanx I.1, an isoalted manual digit V.

BP/1/7439: Proximal end of pubis (?)

BP/1/7440-7443: Proximal end of four femora.

BP/1/7444: Distal portion of femur.

BP/1/7445: Proximal end of right tibia.

BP/1/7446: Distal end of right fibula (?).

BP/1/7447: Left fibula.

BP/1/7448: Distal end of metatarsal III.

BP/1/7450: Proximal end of ischium.