Genus: Uberabatitan SALGADO & SOUZA CARVALHO, 2008
Etymology: After the city of Uberaba, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, located near the type locality of the type specimen of the type species, and the suffix titan, giant in Greek mythology.

Species: ribeiroi SALGADO & SOUZA CARVALHO, 2008
Etymology: In honor of Luiz Carlos Borges Ribeiro, director of the Centro de Pesquias Paleontologicas Lewellyn Price, for his consitent support of palaeontological research in Minas Gerais State.

Holotype: CPP-UrHo

Locality: Site BR-050 B, km 153, 19°35'33"S, 48°01'42"W, Uberaba, Minas Gerais State, Brazil.

Horizon: Upper section of the Serra da Gala Member, Marilia Formation, Bauru Group.


Age: Maastrichtian Stage, Uppermost Senonian Subepoch, Uppermost Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.


Breakdown as follows;

CPP-1058-UrHo, 1057-UrHo, 919-Urho: Anterior cervical vertebrae.

CPP-1091-UrHo, 1104-UrHo: Anterior cervical neural archs.

CPP-992-UrHo, 1023-UrHo: Mid-cervical vertebrae.

CPP-993-UrHo, 915-UrHo: Posterior cervical centra.

CPP-992-UrHo, 917-UrHo, 1081-UrHo, 921-UrHo, 929-UrHo, 1105-UrHo: Cervical ribs.

CPP-1077-UrHo: Anterior dorsal vertebra.

CPP-1068-UrHo: Mid-dorsal neural arch.

CPP-923-UrHo: Dorsal rib.

CPP-1099-UrHo: Sacral centrum.

CPP-1079-UrHo: Anterior caudal vertebra.

CPP-1017-UrHo: Mid-caudal vertebra.

CPP-1009-UrHo, 1010-UrHo, 1011-UrHo: Posterior caudal vertebrae.

CPP-1056-UrHo: Anterior haemal arch.

CPP-1006-UrHo: Posterior haemal arch. Note: With healing fracture callus on the left pedicel.

CPP-1027-UrHo: Sternal plate.

CPP-1109-UrHo: Right coracoid.

CPP-1030-UrHo: Left humerus.

CPP-1032-UrHo: Left radius.

CPP-911-UrHo: Right radius.

CPP-1080-UrHo: Right metacarpal.

CPP-1029-UrHo, 1103-UrHo: Left and right pubis.

CPP-912-UrHo: Left tibia.

CPP-1107-UrHo: Left fibula.

CPP-1082-UrHo: Left astragalus.

Referred material:

Specimen B

CPP-1075-UrB, 1022-UrB: Anterior cervical vertebrae.

CPP-1085-UrB: Anterior/mid-cervical vertebra.

CPP-994-UrB: Mid-cervical vertebra.

CPP-100-UrB: Mid-cervical centrum.

CPP-1024-UrB, 1108-UrB: Posterior cervical vertebrae.

CPP-918-UrB: Cervical vertebra.

CPP-991-UrB: Posterior cervical neural arch.

CPP-1014-UrB: Posterior caudal vertebra.

CPP-1078-UrB: Fragment of vertebra.

CPP-1065-UrB: Dorsal rib.

CPP-1018-UrB: Mid-caudal vertebra.

CPP-1019-UrB: Mid-caudal vertebra.

CPP-1020-UrB: Two fused mid-caudal vertebrae.

CPP-1008-UrB: Posterior caudal centrum.

CPP-1005-UrB, 1003-UrB, 1004-UrB: Haemal arches.

CPP-1120-UrB: Left coracoid.

CPP-913-UrB: Fragment of right pubis.

CPP-1026-UrB: Fragment of ischium.

CPP-898-UrB: Distal end of a right femur.

CPP-1106-UrB: Left fibula.

Specimen C

CPP-1116-UrC: Mid-dorsal centrum.

CPP-894-UrC: Partial right femur.