Genus: Vulcanodon RAATH, 1972
Etymology: Vulcanus, Roman god of fire, and Greek, odon, "tooth": Volcano tooth.
= Volcondon DONG, 1990 (sic)
= Vuicunodon HE, WANG, LIU, ZHOU, LIU, CAI, & DAI, 1998 (sic)
= Vulcanadon YADAGIRI, 1988 (sic)
= Vulcandon YADAGIRI, 1988 (sic)

Species: karibaensis RAATH, 1972
Etymology: In reference to the lake of Kariba, Zimbabwe.

Holotype: QG24

Locality: An unnamed island ("Island 12/127), in the Lake of Kariba, 8 km WNW of Bumi Hills Hotel, Mashonaland North, Zimbabwe.

Horizon: Vulcanodon beds.


Age: ?Hettangian Stage, Lower Lias Epoch, Early Jurassic.

Material: Fragmentary left humerus, distal end of right humerus, fragmentary right radius, right ulna, left fibula, 3 metatarsals, fragmentary sacrum, 12 articulated caudals, chevrons, fragmentary ribs, fragment of right ilium, right pubis, right ischium, fragmentary right femur, fragmentary left tibia, astragalus, left calcaneum, distal tarsals, articulated metatarsals, phalanges and unguals.
Note: Paleopathologies, right ischium, caudals 3 and 4 have the chevron fused together and are noticeabley larger than the preeeding or following vertebrae,

Topotype: QG152: Fragmentary right scapula.

Referred material:

QG1406: Slightly distorted fragment of the posterior half of a cervical vertebra.

WALSH, 1993

Note: Since the drought the lake has gone down and the type locality is available for excavation. New Material has been found and more is likely to be discovered.