= cf Zapalasaurus sp SALGADO, CANUDO, GARRIDO, & CARBALLIDO, 2012

Locality: Agrio del Medo locality, central area of Neuquen Province, Argentina.

Horizon: Pichi Neuquen Member, Upper Rayoso Formation.


Age: Aptian Stage, Middle Gallic Subepoch, Upper Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.


MOZ-Pv 1232: Cranial fragments, at least 32 vertebrae (6 articulated cervicals, cervical ribs, 1 dorsal adn 25 caudals, 9 of which were articulated), a scapoula and a humerus, various metapodial and autopodial bones, and various indeterminate fragments corresponding to an adult sauropod.

Association 1 is as follows.

MOZ-Pv 1248: Posterior cervical centrum.

MOZ-Pv 1249: Cervical neural arch.

MOZ-Pv 1251: Dorsal neural arch.

MOZ-Pv 1252, 1253, 1254: Anterior caudal centra.

MOZ-Pv 12 1255: Left radius.

MOZ-Pv 1256: Left ulna.

MOZ-Pv 1257: Right metatarsal I.

MOZ-Pv 1258: Metatarsal V?.

Association 2 is as follows.

MOZ-Pv 1233: Cervical centrum.

MOZ-Pv 1250: Cervical centrum.

MOZ-Pv 1236: Incomplete cervical neural arch.

MOZ-Pv 1237: Incomplete cervical neural arch.

MOZ-Pv 1238: Fragmentary neural arch.

MOZ-Pv 1239: Fragmentary neural arch.

MOZ-Pv 1240: Dorsal centrum.

MOZ-Pv 1241: Rib fragments.

MOZ-Pv 1242: Hemal arch.

MOZ-Pv 1243: Right ulna.

MOZ-Pv 1244: Left tibia.

MOZ-Pv 1245: Left fibula.

MOZ-Pv 1246: End of metatarsal.

MOZ-Pv 1247: Indeterminate flat fragments.