Genus: Silesaurus DZIK, 2003
Etymology: In reference to an old historic region of Poland, Silesie, where the specimen was found and Greek, sauros, "lizard"; Silesie lizard.

Species: opolensis DZIK, 2003
Etymology: In reference to Opole, southern Poland.

Holotype: ZPAL Ab III/361

Locality: Cement plant claypit at Krasiejow near Opole, Silesia Province, Southern Poland.

Horizon: Drawno Beds.


Age: Middle to late Carnian Stage, Lower Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Fragmentary skeleton.

Referred material:

ZPAL Ab III/14: Fragmentary skull.

ZPAL Ab III/361: Fragmentary skull and braincase and fragmentary skeleton.

ZPAL Ab III/361/36: An isolated opisthotic plus supraoccipital.

ZPAL Ab III/361/35: Braincase.

ZPAL Ab III/362, 364: Braincase.

ZPAL Ab III/437: Fragmentary skull.

ZPAL Ab III/361/27: Dentary with 11 teeth and 1 alveoli.

ZPAL Ab III/437/1: Fragmentary dentary.

ZPAL Ab III/404/8: Scapulocoracoid.

ZPAL Ab III/404/2: Ilium.

ZPAL Ab III/404/3, 4, 1: Fragmentary remains.

ZPAL Ab III/361/25: Femur.

ZPAL Ab III/457: Femur.

ZPAL Ab III/361/8: Articulated tibia and fibula.

ZPAL Ab III/361/22: Tibia.

ZPAL Ab III/460/3, 461: Tibiae.

ZPAL Ab III/361/24: Fibula.

ZPAL Ab III/361/20: Isolated astragalus, preserved with the calcanium.

ZPAL Ab III/461/2, 14-16, 19, 460/4-6, 439/2: Isolated metatarsals.

ZPAL Ab III/361/19: Isolated metatarsal II.

ZPAL Ab III/361/16: Isolated metatarsal II.

ZPAL Ab III/361/2: Metatarsal IV.

ZPAL Ab III/361/13: Phalanges.

ZPAL Ab III/451: Surangular.

ZPAL Ab III/362, 363, 364: Fragmentary skeletons.

ZPAL Ab III/361/26: Maxilla with teeth.

ZPAL Ab III/437/1: Dentary, teeh and predentary.

ZPAL Ab III/361/27: Teeth.

= Note: May belong to Chindesaurus? DZIK, SUIEJ, KAIM & NIEDZWIDEZKI, 2000

Number: Not given.: Sacral.