Genus: Austroptyctodus LONG, 1997
Etymology: In reference to Australia where the specimen was found and the form genus Ptyctodus.

Species: gardineri (MILES & YOUNG, 1977) LONG, 1997

Holotype: WAM 70.4.253 (old NHM P 57637)

Locality: Near Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia State, Australia.

Horizon: Gogo Formation.


Age: Lower Frasnian Stage, Lower Late Devonian Epoch, Late Devonian.

Material: Fragmentary specimen.

Referred material:

NHM P50906, P50908, P50909, P50910, P57655, WAM 86.9.662: Fragmentary specimens.

Note: One specimen has 3 embroyo's inside it.