Genus: Ctenurella ØRVIG, 1960

Species: gladbachensis ØRVIG, 1960
Etymology: In referenct to the city of Bergisch Gladbach.

Holotype: SMNH P 4813

Locality: Heilignestock and An der Loh Quarries, Bergisch Gladbach-Paffrath Trough, North Rhine-Westphalia State, Germany.

Horizon: Calcareous Flags, Oberen Plattenkalk.


Age: Lower Frasnian Stage, Lower Late Devonian Epoch, Late Devonian.

Material: A large individual showing head, shoulder girdle and part of the vertebral column.

Referred material:

SMNH P 4759 a-c, P 4816 a, b, P 4817 a, b, P 4818, P 4819 a, b: All more or less complete individuals.

SMNH P 4721, P 4770: Both showing parts of the shoulder girdle.

SMNH P 4749: A portion of the vertebral column and second dorsal fin.

SMNH P 4762a, b: A small detached median dorsla plate.

GLNW Nos. Gi-O-17: Part of a shoulder girdle.

GLNW Nos. Gi-O-18: A detached centro-preorbital plate.

LONG, 1997

MNHN ARD 232, 229, 230, 231, 233: Nearly complete specimens.