Genus: Ferromirum FREY, COATES, TIETJEN, RÜCKLIN, & KLUG, 2020
Etymology: Latin, ferrum, "iron," and Latin, mirus, "miraculous"; alluding to the preservation of the holotype in a reddish ferruginos nodule, which is characteristic for fossils from the Thylacocophalan Layer of the Maider. Mirus refrs to our initial misinterpertation of teh gill remains for the holotyep as crustacean appendages, before preparaton and the miricle-like revelation that the specimen was, in fact, a chondirchthyan.

Species: oukherbouchi FREY, COATES, TIETJEN, RÜCKLIN, & KLUG, 2020
Etymology:In honor of Said Oukherbouch (Tafraoute), who found the specimen.

Holotype: PIMUZ A/I 4806

Locality: Madene El Mrakib, Maider Basin, southeastern Anti-Atlas, Morocco.

Horizon: Lahfira Member, Ibaouane Formation.

Biostratigraphy: Thylacocephalan Layer, Planitornoceras euryomphalum to Afrolobites mrakibensis zone.

Age: middle Famennian Stage, Late Late Devonian Epoch, Late Devonian.

Material: Fragmentary skull.