Genus: Barracudasauroides MAISCH, 2010
Etymology: The name was chosen for the superficial similarity of the skull and dentition to the extant Great Barracuda (Sphyraean barracuda), a fomidable marine predator, Greek, sauros, "lizard" and Greek, oides, "like."

Species: panxianensis (JIANG, SCHMITZ, HAO & SUN, 2006) MAISCH, 2010 (Type)
= Mixosaurus panxianensis JIANG, SCHMITZ, HAO & SUN, 2006
Etymology: In referene to the type locality.

Holotype: GMPKU-P-1033

Locality: Yangjuan Village, Xinmin District, Panxian County, Guizhou Province, China.

Horizon: Upper Member, Guanling Formation.

Biostratigraphy: Nicoraella germanicus Zone.

Horizon: Anisian Stage, Early Mid-Triassic Epoch, Early Middle Triassic.

Material: Skull and forpart of skeleton.


GMPKU-P-1039: Nearly complete skeleton.

Referred material:

GMPKU-P-1009, 1009: Fragmentary specimens.