Genus: Gulosaurus CUTHBERTSON, RUSSELL, & ANDERSON, 2013
Etymolgoy: In reference to the coal mining industry and its resulting economic deveoloment of the area northwest of the Wapiti Lake region, the generic prefix referes to the nearby Wolverine Tunnell, This 6-km tunnel represents one of two necessary passageways through the Rocky Mountian Front Ranges permititng rail delivery of coal to the west coast of Canada. 'Gulo-' coming from the scentific name of the wolverine (Gulo gulo), and Greek, sauros, "lizard."

Etymology: In honor of Dr. Charles Helm of Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, whose passion for exploring the alpine exposures of the Sulphur Mountain Formation has resulted in an abundance of rare fossil discoveries.

Holotype: RTMP 89.127.3

Locality: D locality, 54°31'10"N, 120°43'19"W, British Columbia Province, Canada.

Horizon: Vega-Phroso Siltstone Member, Sulphur Mountain Formation.


Age: Lower-Middle Triassic.

Material: Nearly compelte skull and front half of skeleton.