Genus: Hudsonelpidia McGOWAN, 1995
Etymology: Hudson and alps, Greek for hope, to honor the town of Hudson’s Hope, British Columbia, in recognition of the generosity and support McGowan and his crew had received form the residents of that town.

Species: brevirostirs McGOWAN, 1995
Etymology: Latin, brevis, “short” and Latin rostrum, “snout”: “Short snout”.

Holotype: ROM 44629 (ROM 41993?) (Royal British Columbia Museum, RBCM EH 91.2.3)

Locality: Brown hill, GSC locality C-301269, on the north shore of the Peace Reach branch of Williston Lake, map reference UTM 10VET 072172, Hudson’s Hope, British Columbia Province, Canada.

Horizon: Pardont Formation.


Age: Early Norian Stage, Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: An incomplete skull and skeleton.

Referred material:

ROM 44633 (Royal British Columbia Museum, RPCM EH 91.2.4: A partial skeleton comprising two partial forefins, some unidentified elements that may be part of the pectoral girdle, 20 dorsal vertebrae and some ribs.

McGOWAN, 1997

ROM 1994-3/ROM 4463/RBCM EH 91.2.10: 43 articulated vertebrae, and a humerus.