Genus: Hupehsuchus YOUNG, vide YOUNG & DONG, 1972
Etymology: Alternate spelling for Hubei (Hubei Province), China and Greek, suchos, name for the Egyptian crocodile diety, Sobek.

 Species: nanchangensis YOUNG, 1972
Etymology: In reference to Nanchang County, Hubei Province, China.

 Holotype: IVPP V. 3232

 Locality: Xunjian commune, N3125’16.3:, E11137’42.5”, Nanchang County, Hubei Province, China.

 Horizon: Upper Jialingjiang Formation.


 Age: Olenekian, Upper Spathian Stage, Upper Scythian Epoch, Early Triassic.

 Material: Skull and almost complete skeleton.


Referred material:

 IVPP V. 4069a: Dorsal and caudal vertebrae and ribs.

 IVPP V. 4069b: Caudal vertebrae.

 IVPP V. 4069c?:

 IVPP V. 4068: Skull and an almost complete skeleton.

WGSC 26004: Nearly complete skeleton.


 Locality: Maoping (97 km south of Nanzhang County), Yuannan Province, China.

 Horizon: Bedong Formation.


 Age: Middle Triassic.


Mid-South China Geological Institute: Mid-trunk vertebra.

WU, ZHAO, SATO, GU, & JIN, 2016

Locality:  From a quarry near Mingfeng Town, Yuanan County, Hubei Province, China.

Horizon: Jialingjiang Formation.


Age: Olenekian, Upper Spathian Stage, Middle Scythian Epoch, Early Triassic.


ZMNH M8217: Skull and nearly comlete spcimen.