Genus: Mikadocephalus MAISCH & MATZKE, 1998
Etymology: Mikado, Japanese-literally; the venerable gate; originally honorable name for the Japanese emperor nowadays mainly referring to the well-known Mikado-game and Greek, kephalos, "head." Chose for the resemblance of the scattered and superimposed cranial bones of the holotype skull to a heap of Mikado-sticks.

Species: gracilirostris MAISCH & MATZKE, 1998
Etymology: Latin, gracilis, "gracile or slender" and Latin, rostrum, "snout," referring to the exceedingly slender snout region of the animals’ skull.

Holotype: GPIT 1793/1

Locality: Monte San Giorgio, Tessin Canton, Switzerland.

Horizon: Grenzbitumenzone beds.


Age: Anisian-Ladinian boundary, Lower Mid Triassic Epoch, Middle Triassic.

Material: Nearly complete skull.