Genus: Parvinatator NICHOLLS & BRINKMAN, 1995
Etymology: Latin, parvus, “small”, and Latin, natator, “swimmer”: Small swimmer.

Species: wapitiensi NICHOLLS & BRINKMAN, 1995
Etymology: In reference to Wapiti Lake, British Columbia, Canada, the locality where the specimen was found.

Holotype: RTMP 89.127.8

Locality: D cirque, south east of Wipiti Lake, 54?31’10”N, 120?43’19”W, British Columbia Province, Canada.

Horizon: Llama Member, Sulphur Mountain Formation.


Age: Griesbachian to Spathian in Stage, Upper Scythian Epoch, Late Early Triassic.

Material: Skull missing tip and tip of dentary, and fore flippers.