Genus: Thalassodraco JACOBS & MARTILL, 2020
Etymology: Greek, thalasso-, "sea" and Latin, draco, "dragon."

Species: etchesi JACOBS & MARTILL, 2020
Etymology: In honor of Dr. Steve Etches MBE who found and expertly prepared the specimen.

Holotype: MJML K1885, K1896

Locality: Rope Lake Bay, Kimmeridge, Dorset County, England, Southern United Kingdom.

Horizon: Kimmeridge Clay Clay Formation.

Biostratigraphy: White Stone Band (Bed nubmer K4), Pectinatites pectinatus ammonite zone.

Age: Early Tithonian Stage, Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic.


MJML K1885: A partially articualted skeleton comprising of the skull, pectoral girdle, left forelimb, anterior trunk and 3 blocks with an ischiopubis.

MJML K1896: Isolated rib and centrum.

Referred material:

MJML K1174: Fragmentary specimen.