Gen. sp indet


Locality: Mayer Farm Locality, near Humboldt, Richardson County, Nebraska.

Horizon: Eskridge Formation, Council Grove Group.


Age: Earliest Wolfcampian Stage, Lower Rotliegendes Epoch, Early Permian.


DMNH 39024: Partial skull and mandible.

DMNH 30925: Partial skull and mandibles.

DMNH 30926: Left maxilla and associated left dentary.

DMNH 30927: Anterior portion of skull.

DMNH 43145: Large left maxilla.

DMNH 45809: Anterior portion of skull and mandibles.

DMNH 46652: Left mandible.

DMNH 48295: Ilium.

DMNH 48296: Partial right mandible.

DMNH 49903: Left posterior skull region.

DMNH 50138: Premaxilla and associated partial forelimb.

DMNH 50139: Femur.

DMNH 50140: Partial pelvis and femur.

DMNH 50167: Partial skull preserving the circumorbital region.

DMNH 50396: Humerus.

USNM 32141: Right dentary.