Genus: Anconastes BERMAN, REISZ & EBERTH, 1987

Species: vesperus BERMAN, REISZ & EBERTH, 1987

Holotype: CM 41711

Locality: NMMNH Locality 5378, El Cobre Canyon, 11 km northwest of Abiquiu, approximately Lat 36°18'16", N and Long 106°20'52", Rio Arriba County, north-central New Mexico.

Horizon: El Cobrte Canyon Formation, Cutler Group. (old Lower Cutler Formation.)


Age: Cobrean, Gzelian Epoch, Early Late Pennsylvanian.

Material: Fragmentary skull and fragmentary skeleton.

Paratype: CM 28590: Right margin of the skull with closely joined mandible.