Genus: Antlerpeton THOMSON, SHUBIN & POOLE, 1998
Etymology: Named for the ancient Antler Highlands of Mississippian Nevada and Greek, erpeton, “a creeping animal”

Species: clarkii THOMSON, SHUBIN & POOLE, 1998
Etymology: In honor of Mr. Charles W. Clark (exploration geologist for the Western Mining Corporation) who collected the specimen and passed it on to FGP in April of 1990.

Holotype: ANSP (ANS VP) 19909

Locality: Rock Canyon, Diamond Springs 15’ Quadrangle, Euerka County, Nevada.

Horizon: Upper part of the Diamond Peak Formation.


Age: Late Visean Stage (Merameccian to Chesterian), Late Mississippian Subperiod, Early Carboniferous Subperiod.

Material: An incomplete articulated skeleton consisting of vetrebral column, along with ribs, partial pelvis, 2 distally incomplete femora, and ventral dermal armor.