Genus: Arganasaurus HUNT, 1993
Etymology: For the Argana Formation that has yealed the holotype and all known specimens of the genus and Greek, sauros, "lizard."

Species: lyazidi (DUTUIT, 1976) HUNT, 1993
= Metoposaurus lyazidi DUTUIT, 1976

Lectotype: MNHN ALM 205 (XIX/3/66)

Locality: Locality XIX, Alma, near Imi N’Tanoute, western Atlas region, Morocco.

Horizon: Upper part of t5, Middle Series, Argana Formation.


Age: Early -late Carnian Stage, Lower Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Slightly damaged skull.

Referred material:

MNHN ALM 201 (XIX/1/66), ALM 215 (XIX/8/66), XIX/2/66, XIX/4/66, XIX/5/66, XIX/6/66: Partial skulls.

MNHN ALM 215 XIX/20/66: Partial clavicle.


Species: azerouali (DUTUIT, 1976) emend BUFFA, JALIL & STEYER, 2019
= Metoposaurus azerouali DUTUIT, 1976 (nomen dubium)
= Arganosaurus (Metoposaurus) azerouali (DUTUIT, 1976) BUFFA, JALIL & STEYER, 2019

Holotype: MNHN.F.ARG 5 (old XV/1/65)

Locality: Locality 15 of Dutiut, near the village of Imziln, near Imi N’Tanoute, Argana Basin, West Atlas Region, Morocco.

Horizon: Top of Member T5, Irohalene Member, Timezagiouine Formation.


Age: Carnian Stage, Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Skull.

Paratypes: MNHN.F.ARG 9-1-3 (old Syntype: XV/2/65): 2 sub-complete clavicles with corresponding articualted interclavicle.

Referred material:

MNHN.F.ARG 1: Right clavicle portion.

MNHN.F.ARG 2: Incomplete interclavicle.

MNHN.F.ARG 3: Complete right hemi-mandible.

MNHN.F.ARG 4: Sub-complete left hemi-mandible.

MNHN.F.ARG 8: Left clavicle with missing ornamentation.

MNHN.F.AZA 14: Interclavicle portion.

MNHN.F.AZA 28: Subcomplete left clavicle.

MNHN.F.TAL 12: Right skull portion.

MNHN.F.TAL 16: Interclavicle portion.

MNHN.F.TAL 17: ?LEft skull portion.

MNHN.F.TAL 27: Right clavicle portion.

MNHN.F.TAL 93: Right clavicle portion.