Genus: Austrobrachyops COLBERT & COSGRIFF, 1974

Species: jenseni COLBERT & COSGRIFF, 1974

Holotype: AMNH 9346

Locality: Coalsack Bluff, Transantarctic Mountains, at approximately latitude 84' 15" S, longitude 162' 20"E, Queen Maud Mountains, East Antarctica, Antarctica.

Horizon: Lower part of the Fremouv Formation.


Age: Anisian Stage, Lower Mid Triassic Epoch, Early Middle Triassic.

Material: Left pterygoid bone lacking only a small part of its palatal ramus and its posterolateral corner and including the broken base of the epipterygoid bone fused to its dorsal surface

Note: My belong to the Dicynodontia (WARREN & MARISCANO, 2000)