Genus: Batrachosuchus BROOM, 1903
= Blinasaurus COSGRIFF 1969 (partim)

Species: browni BROOM, 1903

Holotype: SAM-PK-5868

Locality: Locality unknown, Aliwal North, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.

Horizon: Burgersdorp Formation, Tarkastad Subgroup.

Biostratigraphy: Cynognathus zone.

Age: Spathian Stage, uppermost Scythian Epoch to Anisian Stage, lowermost Mid Triassic Epoch, Early to Middle Triassic.

Material: A fairly complete skull.

Species: henwoodi (COSGRIFF, 1969) WARREN & MARSICANO, 1998
= Blinasaurus henwoodi COSGRIFF, 1969

Holotype: WAM 62.1.42

Locality: UCMP Locality V 6046, Erskine Range on Blina Station, West Kimberley District, Western Australia State, Australia.

Horizon: Upper Blina Shale.

Biostratigraphy: ?Otoceraton Division.

Age: Scythian Stage, Early Triassic.

Material: A fairly complete skull.

Referred material:

UCMP 61065, 61069, 61142: Mandibular rami.

UCMP 61078, 61086, 61093: Clivicular fragments.


Species: concordi CHERNIN, 1977
Etymology: In reference to a fancied similarity to the Concord supersonic airline as seen in lateral view.

Holotype: BP Cat. no. F3728

Locality: Locality 15 of DRYSDALL & KITCHING 1961, upper Luangwa Valley, Eastern Province, northeastern Zambia.

Horizon: N'tawere Formation.


Age: Anisian Stage, Lower Mid Triassic Epoch, Middle Triassic.

Material: Fragmentary skull, lower jaws and some postcranial material.