Genus: Bermanerpeton WERNEBURG, SCHNEIDER & LUCAS, 2021
Etymology: In honor of the outstanding scientific work of Dr. David S. Berman (CM Pittsburgh) on the tetrapods from the Permo-Carboniferous of northern Pangea, and Greek, erpeton, "crawlers."

Species: kinneyi WERNEBURG, SCHNEIDER & LUCAS, 2021
Etymology: In reference to the type locality, Kinney Brick Quarry, Manzanita Mountains, Central New Mexico.
= Saurerpetontidae gen sp indet HUNT, LUCAS & BERMAN, 1992
= Indeterminate eobrachyopid SCHOCH & MILNER, 2014

Holotype: CM 41708a, b (part and counterpart)

Locality: Kinney Brick Company Quarry, SE 1/4, sec. 18, T9N, R6E, Bernalillo County, New Mexico.

Horizon: Unit 3, Tinajas Member, Atrasado Formation (originally listed aas Upper part of the Pine Shadow Member, Wild Cow Formation, unit 3).


Age: Missourina, early-middle Kasimovian, Early Virgilian, Gzelian Epoch, Late Pennsylvanian (Late Late Carboniferous).

Material: Fragmentary skull and skeleton.


NMMNH P-67678a, b: Smallest larval specimen.

NHMS-WC 231: Largest larval specimen.