Genus: Brachyops OWEN, 1855
Etymology: Greek, brachys, “short” and Greek, ops, "face."

Species: laticeps OWEN, 1855
Etymology: Latin, lati, "broad, wide" and Latin, -ceps, "head."
= Brachyops breviceps ANONYMOUS, 1854 (sic)

Holotype: NHMUK ( old BMNH) R4414

Locality: Mangli (not Mangali, Sengupta, as per WARREN & MARSICANO, 2000) Nagpur, Wardha Valley, Maharashtra State, Central India.

Horizon: Upper Kamthi Formation.


Age: Early Triassic.

Material: Fragmentary skull.

Referred material:

BMNH R1737: Cast of fragmentary skull.