Genus: Cyclotosaurus non FRAAS, 1889

Species: polaris (WIMAN, 1915) emend KEAR, POROPAT & BAZZI, 2015 (nomen vanum)
= Captiosaurus polaris WIMAN, 1915
= Parotosaurus polaris (WIMAN, 1915) ROMER, 1947

Note: KEAR, POROPAT, & BAZZI,2015 place this specimen into Cyclotosaurus sp. However, since it has a species name, that name takes presidence and it is still followed here.

Holotype: PMU 24149 (old PIU U. 120)

Locality: From a cree at the 'Auk colon'y, on the northwest slope of Kongressfjellet (Northwest side of Mt. Congress, formerly Mt. Middlehook), western shore of Kapp Thorsden (Nordfjord), northern Isfjorden, , Spitsbergen, Svalbard Island, Norway.

Horizon: Lower De Geerdalen Formation.


Age: Middle-Late Carnian Stage, Lower Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Impression of the orbital region and  cranial roof.