Genus: Deltaherpeton BOLT & LOMBARD, 2020
Etymology: In reference to Delta, Iowa, the town nearest to the quarry locality and Greek, herpeton "crawling animal or reptile", now used for both amphibians and reptiles.

Species: hiemstrae BOLT & LOMBARD, 2020
Etymology: In honor of Mr. Jasper Hiemstra, for his interest and generosity, who owned the land that includes the Delta quarry at the time Deltaherpeton hiemstrae was discovered.

Holotype: FMNH PR 1637

Locality: Quarry on land owned at the time of Mr. Jasper Hiemstra, SW1/4, SW1/2, section 15, T75N, R13W, Keokuk County, Iowa.

Horizon: Fills within two adjacent collapse structures formed in the Waugh and Verdi Members of the Iowa ‘St Louis” Limestone.


Age: Correlative with Lower Carboniferous Visean V3b of Europe, Lower Chesterian, Asbian Stage, Lower Upper Visean Epoch, Middle Mississippian, Lower Carboniferous.

Material: Skull in assocation with mandibles.