Genus: Densignathus DAESCHLER, 2000
Etymology: Latin, densus, “thick”, and Greek, gnathos, “jaw”: Thick jaw.

Species: rowei DAESCHLER, 2000
Etymology: In honor of Norman Douglas Rowe in recognition of his discovery of the type material of Densignathus and his many important contributions to reseach at the Red Hill locality.

Holotype: ANSP 20637

Locality: North side of Route 120, 2 km west of Hyner, 41°20.645’N, 77°40.800’W, Red Hill, Clinton County, Pennsylvania.

Horizon: Duncannon Member, Catskill Formation.


Age: Early late Famennian Stage, Upper Late Devonian Epoch, Late Devonian.

Material: Breakdown as follows;

20637.1: Anterior portion of lower jaw.

20637.2: Posterior portion of left lower jaw.

20637.3: Posterior portion of right lower jaw.

Note: these 3 specimens are considered to be from a single individual because they were found in very close proximity to each other on the same bedding plaine and the 2 posterior segemints are mirror images of one another.