Genus: Diploseira DILKES, 2020
Etymology: Greek, diplo, "double" and Greek, seira, "series': In reference to the ventral flanges on both sets of anterior osteoderms that lie in series with each other and the vertebral neural spines. The gender is feminine.

Species: angusta (CARROLL, 1964) DILKES, 2020
= Dissorophus angustus CARROLL, 1964

Holotype: MCZ 1695

Locality: Archer City bone bed, 1 mile southwest of Archer City, Archer County, Texas.

Horizon: Upper Archer City Formation (formerly Putnam Formation, Wichita Group), upper Bowie Group.

Biostratigraphy: Land-vertebrate faunachron upper A.

Age: Wolfcampanian stage, Lower Rotliegendes Epoch, Early Permian.

Material: Partial skull with an articulated partial right mandible, 26 presacral and 4 caudal vertebrae, osteoderms associated with vertebrae 5-17, articulated and associated presacral and caudal ribs, portions of right and left scapulocoracoids, clavicles, and cleithra, an incomplete interclavicle, portion of right pelvic girdle, incomplete left pelvic girdle, porximal half of right humerus, phalanges and incomplete digit, and an isolated right tabular.