Genus: Elginerpeton AHLBERG, 1995
Etymology: Generic name after the town of Elgin, Scotland and Greek, herpeton, “crawling”; Elgin crawler.

Species: pancheni AHLBERG, 1995
Etymology: In honor of Alec L. Panchen in recognition of his important contributions to the study of early tetrapods.

Holotype: NMS (old R.MS) G 1967.17.1

Locality: Scat Craig is a streamside exposure on the Longmorn Burn near Fogwatt village south of Elgin, Moryashire, Grampian Province, Scotland.

Horizon: Scat Craig Beds.


Age: Upper Frasnian Stage, Lower Late Devonian Epoch, Late Devonian.

Material: An incomplete left lower jaw ramus.

Referred material:

NMS (old R.MS) G 1891.92.444: Incomplete right premaxilla.

NMS (old R.MS) G 1994.139.2: Coronoid fragment.

NHMUK (old BMNH) P8277: Twelve mandibular fragments.

NHMUK (old BMNH) P9776: Incomplete right premaxilla.

NHMUK (old BMNH) P62809: Small incomplete right mandible.

NHMUK (old BMNH) P8267: Jaw fragment, probably maxilla.

GSM 89132: Palatal bone, probably a vomer.

GSM 89174: Incomplete right mandible.

GSM 8915: Fragment of right mandible.

OUM Geol. Coll. D796: Incomplete left premaxilla and internasal.

LEICS G612.1993: Left dentary fragment.


NMS (old R.MS) G 1994.139.1: Postorbital.


NMS (old R.MS) G 1861.46.67: Lower jaw.