Genus: Eoscopus DALY, 1994
Etymology: From Greek eo ‘dawn’ and skos ‘watcher’
= Eoscopus DALY, 1976 (nomen nudum)

Species: lockardi DALY, 1994
Etymology: Named in honor of Walter Lockard.
= Eoscopus lockardi DALY 1976 (nomen nudum)

Holotype; KUVP 80408

Locality: Hamilton Quarry Locality, ca. 2 mi East of Hamilton, sec. 8, T24S, R12E, Greenwood County, Kansas.

Horizon: Calhoun Shale, Topeka Limestone, Shawnee Group.


Age: Virgilian, upper Stephanian, Upper Silesian Series, Gzelian Epoch, Late Pennsylvanian (Late Carboniferous).

Material: Skull and anterior vertebrae, part and counterpart.


KUVP 47270: Posterior dorsal part of a skull and a long series of vertebrae.

KUVP 47272: Skull fragment, including a set of circumorbital bones and a palpebral cup.

KUVP 49491: Presacral vertebral column, pelvis, and femur.

KUVP 50000: Premaxilla and maxilla.

KUVP 80409: Skull and anterior vertebrae.

KUVP 80411: Skull, presacral vertebral column, girdles and femora.

KUVP 80412: Posterior part of whole animal, with tail and lower part of one leg missing.

KUVP 80413: Skull, part and counterpart.

HQ 14: Partial skull, including orbits and anterior portion.

HQ 15: Partial skull, lacking part of right side.

HQ 122A-B: Skull and anterior vertebrae, part and counterpart.

HQ 123A-B: Pelvis and one hind leg, part and counterpart.

HQ 127: Half pelvis and 1 hind leg.

HQ 247: Pelvis of young individual (pubes lacking).

HQ 250A-B, D-I: A largely complete specimen, preserved in the round. Most of the skull and tail are missing, as well as the distal part of one hind leg, the interclavicle and cleithrum.

HQ 252: This specimen is the counterpart of KUVP 80412.

HQ 254A-B: Partial foot, part and counterpart.

HQ 255B: Partial skull, posterior half.

HQ 258A-B: Skull, part and counterpart.

HQ 260: Skull.

HQ 424A-B, HQ 428: Partial skull, some vertebrae and limb bones.

HQ 431: Vertebrae, ribs, femur, tibia and fibula.

HQ 551A-C: Nearly complete skeleton with partial body shadow, some scale impressions and dark eyeball remains, part and counterpart.

HQ 598A-D, HQ 599A-D: Partial skeleton, including a laterally compressed skull, vertebrae in line, and scattered limb bones.

HQ 641: Scapulaocoracoid and humerus.

HQ 716A-B: Partial skull, part and counterpart.

HQ 720: Disrupted skull and complete vertebral column.