Genus: Erythrobatrachus COSGRIFF & GARBUTT, 1972

Species: noonkanbahensis COSGRIFF & GARBUTT, 1972
Etymology: In reference to Noonkanbah Station, West Kimberley District,Western Australia State, Australia.

Holotype: WAM 62.1.46

Locality: UCMP V6044, Noonkanbah Station, West Kimberley District, 124’45”E, 18’20”S, Western Australia State, Australia.

Horizon: Blana Shale.


Age: Smithian Substage, Upper Nammalian Stage, Lower Scythian Epoch, Early Triassic.

Material: Internal cast of middle of skull.

Referred material:

WAM 71.6.22: Internal cast of right posterolateral region.

WAM 63.2.50: Cast of prechoanal rostrum.