Genus: Gobiops SHISHKIN, 1991
Etymology: In reference to the Gobi Desert, and Greek, ops, "face."

Species: desertus SHISHKIN, 1991
Etymology: Latin, desertus, "deserted."

Holotype: PIN 4174/102

Locality: Shara-Teeg locality, Gobi-Altay region, Transaltaya Gobi, Southwestern Mongolia.

Horizon: Shar Teg Beds.


Age: Tithonian Stage, Upper Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic.

Material: Left squamosal.

Referred material:

PIN 4174/127: Tabulare.

PIN 4174/108-110: Exoccipitals.

PIN 4174/105: Dentale.

PIN 4174/106: Supratemorale.

PIN 4174/104: Angulare.

PIN 4174/101, 103, 111, 112, 126: Clavicale.

PIN 4174/113: Humerus.

PIN 4174/114: Atlas.

PIN 4174/120: Second cervical intercentrum.

PIN 4174/107, 119, 121-125, 129, 152, 164: Trunk and anterior caudal intercentra.



Locality: Liuhonggou, SW Urumqi, Junggar Basin, Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu (Sinkinag) Province, China.

Horizon: Upper Toutuhne Formation.


Age: Callovian Stage, Upper Dogger Formation, Middle Jurassic.


SGP 2000/7: Left postparietal.

SGP 2000/8: The posterior portion of a left supratemporal.

SGP 2001/9: Axial intercentrum.

SGP 2000/10-11: 2 dorsal intercentra.

SGP 2000/12: Associated right postfrontal, tabular and supratemporal.

SGP 2001/29: A small dorsal intercentrum.

SGP 2001/30: ?A probable anterior caudal intercentrum.

SGP 2001/3: ?A probable posterior caudal intercentrum.