Genus: Heptasaurus SAVE-SODERBERG, 1935

Species: cappelensis (WEPFER, 1923) SAVE-SODERBERG, 1935
= Mastodonsaurus cappelensis WEPFER, 1923
= Mastodonsaurus kappelensis PFANNENSTIEL, 1932 (sic)
= Mastodonsaurus capelensis OCHEV, 1966 (sic)
= Mastodontosaurus cappelenensis OCHEV, 1966 (sic)

Holotype: Not determined.

Locality: The quarry owned by Herr Reiser near Kappel, north of Villingen –Schwenningen, Schwarzwald, southwestern Baden-Wurttemburg State, southwestern Germany.

Horizon: Pflanzensandstein above VH 5, higher Upper Buntsandstein.


Age: Aegean, lower Anisian Stage, Lower Mid Triassic Epoch, Middle Triassic.

Material: No type was designated. 37 skulls.

Note: SCHOCH & MILNER, 2000… Uncatalogued material in Karlsruhe (SMNK: remains of 15 specimens), Frankfurt (SMF: 2 specimens), Freiburg (UCF: 1 specimen), ESSEN (RME: 2 specimens). Bonn (GPIB: 1 specimen), Tubingen (2 specimens), and fragmentary materal in Stuttgart (SMNS). Most of the material from Kappel was housed in the Frieburg and was destroyed there during World War II. The surviging parts were moved to SMNK…

Referred material:

= Mastodonsaurus vaslenensis MEYER, 1855 (nomen vanum)
= Capitosaurus vaslenensis (MEYER, 1855) SCHRODER, 1913 (nomen vanum)


Locality: Wasslenheim near Strassburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania State, Germany.

Horizon: Bunter.


Age: Early Triassic.

Material: Posterior part of a skull.


= Mastodonsaurus ingens TRUSHEIM, 1937 (as per SCHOCH, 1999)
Etymology: Latin, ingens, "enormous, large."


Locality: Gambach near Gumunden, Germany.

Horizon: Buntsandstein.


Age: Middle Triassic.

Material: Right Mandible without teeth.