Genus: Jakubsonia LEBEDEV, 2004
Etymology: In honor of O. L. Jakubson, the member of the Livny town Natural History and Local Lore Museum, who enthusiastically helped excavations.

Species: livnensis LEBEDEV, 2004
Etymology: In reference to the town of Livny, Oryol Region, European Central Russia.

Holotype: PIN 2657/346

Locality: Gornostayevka quarry, southwest of the Livny Town, Oryol Region, European Central Russia.


Biostratigraphy: ?triagularis-crepida zone of the Standard codont scale.

Age: Zadonskian Regional Stage, Lower Famennian Stage, Upper Late Devonian epoch, Late Devonian.

Material: Interobital part of the skull roof, including the frontals, anterior part of the parietals and almost complete postfrontals preserved in natural contact.

Referred material:

PIN 2657/347: Incomplete angular.

PIN 2567/343: Cleithrum and partily preserved scapulocoracoid.

PIN 2657/344: Distal part of a left femur.

PIN 2567/348: Posterior part of the skul roof.