Genus: Kashmirosaurus WERNEBURG & SCHNEIDER, 1996
Etymology: In reference to the region of Kashmir, India, and Greek, sauros, “lizard”: Kashmir lizard.

Species: ornatus (WOODWARD, 1905) WERNEBURG & SCHNEIDER, 1996
= Archegosaurus ornatus WOODWARD, 1905
= Archegosaurus kashmiriensis TEWARI, 1962

Holotype: GSI 8672

Locality: Risin Spur, 3 km east-north-east of Zewan, Srinagar District, Kashmir, India.

Horizon: Vihi (Gangamopteris) beds, Mamal Formation, Lower Gondwanas.


Age: Ufimian Stage, Lower Guadelupian Subepoch, Lower Zechstein Epoch- Tatarian Stage, Lopingian Subepoch, Upper Zechstein Epoch, Late Permian.

Material: Postorbital portion of a cranium.

Referred material:

GSI 17758 (published in error as GSI 18017 by Tewari 1962): A skull in dorsal aspect and the type of Archegosaurus kashmiriensis.

BMNH R5279: A previously undercribed partial skull.

Hinder region of a skull, scattered remains of the vertebral column, pelvis, and hind limbs.