Genus: Koolasuchus WARREN, RICH & VICKERS-RICH, 1998
Etymology: In honor of Lesley Kool who found some of the material and prepared most of it. The generic name also, fortuitously, referes to the (preseumed) cool climate conditions present at the time of preservation, and Greek, souchos, "crocodile," a commonly used name for temnospondyls because their bodies are similar in shape to that of crocodiles.

Species: cleelandi WARREN, RICH & VICKERS-RICH, 1998
Etymology: In honor of Mike Cleeland who found the holotype mandible and who, with students from Newhaven College, has spent several years searching the costal rock platformes of the Strzelecki Group.

Holotype: NMV P186213

Locality: West end of Rowell’s Beach, east of Potter’s Hill road, 38D32’16”S, 145?23’15.5”E, Kilcunda, East Gippsland, Victoria State, Australia.

Horizon: Strzelecki Group.


Age: Aptian Stage, Middle Gallic Subepoch, Upper Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: A right mandibular ramus, complete except for an approximate two centimetre section at the level of the posterior coronoid, and the posterior half of the left ramus. These were found together and are assumed to be from the same individual.

Referred material:

NMV P156988: Posterior half of a right ramus (WARREN et al., 1991)

NMV P186277: Posterior half of a left ramus.

NMV P186145: An almost complete left pterygoid.

NMV P186055: The body of a left pterygoid.

NMV P186182: Skull roofing bone containing approximately one quarter of an orbit, probably a right prefrontal.

NMV P186480: The posterior three quarters of an interclavicle.

NMV P186237: Right clavicle.

NMV P181644: Left clavicle.

NMV P186155a: Right clavicle.

NMV P186214: Incomplete right clavicle.

NMV P186101, 186205, 18681, 18671: Skull fragments.

NMV P186295: Interclavicles.

NMV P186167: Clavicles.

NMV P186179: Neural arch.

NMV P186040, 186238, 186207, 197908, 186142, 186253, 186354-5: Centra.

NMV 186481-2, 186165b, 186245: Ribs.

NMV P186158: Cleithrum.

NMV P186239: Fibula.