Genus: Lapillopsis WARREN & HUTCHINSON, 1990

Species: nana WARREN & HUTCHINSON, 1990

Holotype: QMF 12284

Locality: The Crater, Rewan property, about 72 Km southwest of Rolleston, (Field locality L78 in QM records), SE Queensland State, Australia.

Horizon: Lower beds of the upper part of the Rewan Formation, Mimosa Group.


Age: Early Triassic.
Note: According to LEES, 1986 ‘Arcadia Formation, Rewan Group, Greisbachian-Dienerian, Induan stage,-Olenekian stage, upper Scythian Epoch, Early Triassic.

Material: An almost complete skull with mandibles in place, and associated femur, partial interclavicle, right scaplocoracoid and (?) humerus.

Paratype: QMF 12285: An almost complete skull and mandible, left mandibular ramus displaced and lying across the rear of the palate, and associated right clavicle and partial interclavicle.

Referred material:

YATES, 1999

QM F12289, 14497, 14499, 14501-14503, 35385-35392: Partial crania and associated anterior postcranial skeletons of several individuals ranging in size from small juveniles to ?subadutls, all from the type locality.