Genus: Manubrantlia YATES & SENGUPTA, 2002
Etymology: Latin, manubrium, "a handle" and Latin, antlium, "a pump": Referes to the long arcadian process that resembles a pump-handle, feminine geneder.

Species: khakia YATES & SENGUPTA, 2002
Etymology: ‘Khaki’ was a term used by early British geologist to describe the colour of the greenish bands of the Panchet Formation and is still commonly used in India.

Holotype: ISI A 57

Locality: Southern bank of the Damodar River near Madhukunda Railbridge, 86°53’35”E, 23°38’28”N, West Bengal State, Eastern India.

Horizon: Panchet Formation.


Age: Early Triassic.

Material: A left mandibular ramus that is missing only the anterior half of the articular and some of the prearticular from its posterior and posterodorsal margins.