Genus: Megalophthalma SCHOCH, MILNER & WITZMANN, 2014
Etymology: Greek, megale, 'large', and Greek, ophthalmos, 'eye'; in reference to its large eyes.

Species: ockerti SCHOCH, MILNER & WITZMANN, 2014
Etymology: In honor of the amateur palaeontolgist and geologist Willi Ockert, who found and prepared teh skull in 1985.

Holotype: MHI 2047

Locality: Schuman limestone quarry, Velberg, Baden-Württemberg State, Germany.

Horizon: Hauptsandstein (main sandstone unit) of Lower Keuper (Erfurt Formation).


Age: Longobardian, Upper Landian Stage, Upper Mid Triassic Epoch, Middle Triassic.

Material: A partial skull with anterior portion of the left mandibular ramis.