Genus: Moenkopisaurus SHISHKIN, 1960 (nomen dubium)
Etymology: In reference to the Moenkopi Formation, and Greek, sauros, "lizard."

Species: randalli (WELLES, 1947) SHISHKIN, 1960 (nomen dubium)
= Cyclotosaurus randalli WELLES, 1947 (nomen dubium)

Holotype: UCMP 36188

Locality: Holbrook quarry, UC V-3922, on Highway 66, 6 miles west of Holbrook, immediately west of Geronimo Trading post, Apache County, Arizona.

Horizon: Holbrook Member, Moenkopi Formation.


Age: Ansian Stage, Lower Mid Triassic Epoch, Early Middle Triassic.

Material: A circumotic fragment of a skull roof.

Referred material:

UCMP 38189, 36190: Large and medium sized right exoccipital-pterygoid-parasphenoid regions.

UCMP 37761: Atlas.

UCMP 37762: Intercentrum.

UCMP 37826: Neural arch.

UCMP 37822, UCMP 37828: Ribs.

UCMP 36237: Left ilium.

UCMP 36239: Interclavicle.

UCMP 36207: Tooth.

Also numerous jaw and skeletal elements.