Genus: Montceaubatrachus WERNEBURG, 2019
Etymology: In reference to the typelocatliy Montceau-les-Mines, France, and Greek, batrakhos, "frog."

Species: platyrynchus WERNEBURG, 2019
Etymology: Greek, platos, "wide" and Greek, rynchos, "snout."

Holotype: MHNA-86015

Locality: Open-cast coal mine near Montceau-les-Mines, Saone-et-Loire Department, France.

Horizon: 'Assise de nodules' (nodule horizon)


Age: Stephanian C, Gzhelian Epoch, Late Pennsylvanian Subperiod, Late Carboniferous Period to Asselian Stage, Lower Rotliegend, Early Permian.

Material: Skull and skeleton.

Referred material:

MHNA-079383b, 084865a, 099704b, 101709b, 2565a, 2537b, 4004b, 4009a, 4693a, 50631, 50631, 51929, 52810, 52976, 53022, 53101, 53156/57, 53370, 53365, 53397, 60764, 61009, 7365a, 7409b, 8618, 86015a, 95158b: Skulls and skeletons.