Genus: Nanolania YATES, 2000
Etymology: Greek, nanos, "a dwarf " and Latin, lanus, “a butcher ”. An oblique reference to the Goodwin family who owns the property on which the specimens were found and run a butcher shop in a nearby town. Also roughly translates to the colloquial Australian saying “you little ripper”, which described the holotype well. Gender is masculine.

Species: anatopretia YATES, 2000
Etymology: Latin, anas, “duck” and Latin, pretium, “value or worth”. Refers to the type locality.
= Arcadia myriadens WARREN & HUTCHINSON 1988 (partim)

Holotype: QMF 12293

Locality: Queensland Museum locality L215, Headwaters of Duckworth Creek, south west of Bluff, south central Queensland State, Australia.

Horizon: Arcadia Formation, Rewan Group.


Age: Greisbachian-Dienerian, Induan stage,-Olenekian stage, upper Scythian Epoch, Early Triassic.

Material: Postorbital portion of a skull with associated mandibular fragments.


QMF 14480: A laterally compressed complete skull with mandible.

QMF 35247: A poorly preserved, laterally compressed skull, with an articulated right mandibular ramus.

QMF 35393: A dorsoventrally compressed skull lacking the preorbital and quadrate regions.

QMF F39666: Postorbital section of a skull with an associated mandibular fragment.