Genus: Pederpes CLARK, 2002
Etymology: In honor of Peder Aspen, its discovere (Peder is the Norwegian form of Peter, which is Greek for Rock), and Greek, erpes, "crawler": that is rock crawler. (Pederpes can also be split into Peder and pes (Foot), that is, ‘rock foot’.

Species: finneyae CLARK, 2002
Etymology: In honor of S. M. Finney, who prepared the specimen.

Holotype: GLAHMS 100815

Locality: Auchenreoch Glen, near Maryland Farm, 2-3 km north of Dumbarton, Scotland, Northern United Kingdom.

Horizo: Ballagan Formation, Inverclade Group (formerly Cementstone Group, Calciferous sandstone Series).

Biostratigraphy: claviger-macra (CM) palynozone (from the lower part of this zone).

Age: Tournaisian (Tn3c) Epoch, Courceyan, Ivorian, Middle Dinantian Series, Late Carboniferous (Middle Mississippian).

Material: Skull and nearly complete skeleton lacking tail.