Genus: Perryella CARLSON, 1987
Etymology: In reference to Perry Site, Noble County, Oklahoma.

Species: olsoni CARLSON, 1987

Holotype: Science Museum of Minnesota, P82.10.1

Locality: Perry Site 5 of Olson 1967, A road cut on-quarter mile south of the northeast corner of sec. 32, T22N, R1W, Noble County, Oklahoma.

Horizon: Wellington Formation (Garber Formation), Summer Group, Arbuckle limestone, (Probably equivalent to the Arroyo Formation of Texas).


Age: Leonardian Stage, Lower Rotliegendes Epoch, Early Permian.

Material: Skull with dorsal and palatal surface, pectoral girdle.

Referred material:

P.82.10.2: Vertebrae and limb.

P82.10.3, P82.10.5, P82.10.7, P82.10.8, P82.10.11, P82.10.13, P82.10.14, P82.10.16, P82.10.17: Fragmentary skulls.

P82.10.4, P82.10.12, P82.10.18: Vertebrae.

P82.10.6: Skull, vertebrae and limb.

P82.10.9: Parasphenoid, vertebrae.

P82,.10.10: Skull.

P82.10.15: Skull fragments.