Genus: Plagiobatrachus WARREN, 1985
Etymology: Greek, plagios, "oblique, lateral."

Species: australis WARREN, 1985
Etymology: Latin, australis, "the south, southern."

Holotype: QMF12267

Locality: The Crater, Rewan property, about 72 Km southwest of Rolleston, (Field locality L78 in QM records), SE Queensland State, Australia.

Horizon: Lower beds of the upper part of the Rewan Formation, Mimosa Group.


Age: Early Triassic.
Note: According to LEES, 1986 ‘Arcadia Formation, Rewan Group, Greisbachian-Dienerian, Induan stage,-Olenekian stage, upper Scythian Epoch, Early Triassic.

Material: Vertebral centrum.

Referred material:

QMF12268: Vertebral centrum.

QMF12269: Articualr region of a left mandible.

QMF12270: Articular region of a left mandible.