Genus: Platycepsion KUHN, 1961
= Blinasaurus COSGRIFF 1969 (partim)
= Platyceps STEPHENS, 1887 non BLYTH, 1860 (Platyceps semifasciatus, Reptilia, Colubridae)

Species: wilkinsoni (STEPHENS 1887) KUHN, 1961
= Platyceps wilkinsoni STEPHENS 1887
= Bothriceps wilkinsoni (STEPHENS 1887) LYDEKKER, 1890
= Blinasaurus wilkinsoni (STEPHENS, 1887) COSGRIFF, 1969

Holotype: NSWGS 12572

Locality: Railway ballast quarry near Gosford, New South Wales State, Australia.

Horizon: Terrigal (Gosford) Formation, Narrabeen Group,


Age: Upper Scythian Epoch or Lower Anisian Stage, Lower Mid Triassic Epoch, Late Early or Early Middle Triassic.

Material: Fragmentary skull and fragmentary skeleton.

Referred material:


NSWGS F12872: Fragmentary skull, a number of branchial bars, the dermal shoulder girdle and a series of ribs and vertebral elements.