Genus: Plemmyradytes HUNTENLOCKER, PARDO & SMALL, 2007
Etymology: Greek, plemmyris, "tide or wave"; in reference to the specimens 'occurrence' in costal pond deposites, and Greek, dytes, "diver."

Species: shintoni HUNTENLOCKER, PARDO & SMALL, 2007
Etymology: In honor of John Shinton, who prepared much of this material and for his years of dedication to the DMNH Fossil Lab.

Holotype: DMNH 49903

Locality: Mayer Farm Locailty, near Humboldt, Richardson County, Nebraska.

Horizon: Eskridge Formation, Council Grove Group.


Age: Earliest Cisuralian (Asselian) Stage, Lower Rotligendens Epoch, Early Permian.

Material: Partial skull, preserving the posterior portion of the left circumorbital region and maxillary tooth row, as well as the posorbital and parietal region, left otic notch, and some details of the palate.

Referred mateiral:

DMNH 39024: Partial skull and mandible.

DMNH 39026: Partial skull and mandible.

DMNH 39026: Left maxilla with associated left dentary.

DMNH 39027: Anterior portion of skull roof.

DMNH 43145: Left maxilla.

DMNH 45343: Left maxilla.

DMNH 45809: Anterior portion of skull and mandibles.

DMNH 46652: Left mandible.

DMNH 48295: Left ilium.

DMNH 48296: Partial right mandible.

DMNH 50138: Premaxilla and partial forelimb.

DMNH 50139: Right femur.

DMNH 50140: Partial pelvis with associated right femur.

DMNH 50167: Crushed but near complete skull roof.

DMNH 50346: Humerus.