Genus: Prionosuchus PRICE, 1948
Etymology: Greek, prion, "saw" and Greek, suchos, "crocodile."

Species: plummeri PRICE, 1948

Holotype: DGM no. 320-R

Locality: 2 1/2 miles South of Pastos Bons, along the road from the Pastos Bons to Nova York, Municipio of Pastos Bons, State of Maranhao, North Brazil.

Horizon: Pedera de Fogo Formation, Parnaiba Series.


Age: Early Permian.

Material: Rostrum of skull, fragment of mandible and a femur.

Referred material:

DNPM 862-R, 863-R: Scraps of rostrum.

DNPM 864-R: Scraps of a right mandibular ramus.

DNPM 865R: 2 intercentra.


BMNH R12000: Mid portion of a rostrum.

BMNH R12001: The posterior part of a rostrum.

BMNH R12002: A median fragment of a frontal region of a slightly smaller skull.

BMNH R12003: Many fragments of a small skull.

BMNH R12004: Fragments of vertebrae, including pleurocentra and intercentra, and fragments of skull.

BMNH R12005: Fragments of skull and post-cranial skeleton, this specimen is nearly three times the size of most of the other amphibian specimens.